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Soil Science at the University of Oregon

As the world population grows toward 10 billion people by 2050, we will be pressed to increase food security, respond to the consequences of a changing climate, and improve human health – all while protecting the environment and maintaining natural resources. Soils play a critical role in these challenges.

At the University of Oregon, a diverse range of faculty from across disciplines study different aspects of soil-related processes. These faculty include: 

Scott Bridgham, ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry: Bridgham Lab 

Lauren Hallett, plant community and restoration ecology: Hallett Lab

Krista McGuire, soil microbial ecology: McGuire Lab 

Matt Polizzotto, soil and environmental hydrogeochemistry: Soil and Water Lab

Josh Roering, geomorphology and landscape evolution: Earth Surface Processes Lab

Greg Retallack, paleosols and paleopedology: Retallack Lab

Lucas Silva, soil-plant-atmosphere interactions: SPA Lab