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Lab News

Summer 2019 Update

August 29, 2019

A lot has happened in the past year (and someone has maybe been not so good at updating the lab news)! Fatai, Chelsea, and Katie joined the lab, while Markus began his MS program...Rachael graduated and is on to a MS program at UH-Manoa...Fusheng completed his PhD and is now a Lecturer at Tianjin University...Gabbie did a whole bunch of presentations, traveled back and forth to Mexico, did lots of experiments in the lab, and graduated with her MS...Sili, Jason and Charlotte joined the lab...and Matt has really been beefing up his beatboxing skills! Wow...who knows what will happen by the next update...

Spring 2018 Happenings!

May 23, 2018

It's been a big spring! Gabbie and Matt went to Mexico, and then Gabbie went back again. The lab is up and running, and experiments are starting. Plus, the new glovebox is here...and it's enormous!

Rachael presents her research!

May 17, 2018

Rachael presented a poster titled "Mercury concentration and speciation in sediments throughout the watershed affected by Black Butte Mine in Oregon" at the UO Undergraduate Research Symposium. Way to go, Rachael!

Around the O article on Rachael advocating for Science Policy in DC!!

April 26, 2018

The last week of last semester, Rachael spent her finals week in Washington, D.C. learning about science policy and speaking with the staff of U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden and Rep. Peter DeFazio about the importance of funding scientific research. The UO sponsored Cleveland to attend the 2018 Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering workshop, also known as CASE, from March 18-21. The workshop, which is put on by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, educates science, technology, engineering and math students about science policy and advocacy. 

Inspiring the Next Generation

April 25, 2018

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